Your Top 10 Gluten Free Trends Revealed

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Wow, we were blown away with your response to our Goodness Me Gluten Free 2015 Network Survey. Thank you. It was such a privilege to receive your survey replies outlining all your gluten free wants, needs, concerns, thoughts and suggestions. So much information for us to digest, but we think we’ve succeeded! Compiling the most interesting trends together in the following infographic which we hope presents the data to you in a bite sized way. All right, enough puns for now. As promised here are the results…

Goodness Me Gluten Free Survey 2015 Infographic













So what actions are we going to take as a result of your answers?

Over the coming months we plan to roll out several new products that reflect what you told us you wanted the most.

We are excited to announce the first of these is in answer to your highest scoring request:

*The Goodness Me Email Recipe Club – click here to find out more *

We are also working on a cost effective way to once again bring you our pre-made flour mixes.

Many of you may remember when we started Goodness Me, we did indeed sell our Baking and Bread Blend flour mixes. Which we discontinued when we published our cookbooks, as we didn’t feel at the time there was enough demand for our pre-made mixes. However, you have made us rethink this decision and so we are investigating options for getting these blends back into our online shop so that making our recipes will be even simpler than ever. This may take some time to put in place but we wanted you to know we are working on it.

Other initiatives we hope to launch soon are: Gluten Free Lifestyle Consulting and Private Cooking Classes.

Plus because we were so intrigued and excited by the challenge issued by one of our survey participants who suggested that we should offer a “give me a recipe and I will create a gluten free alternative for you” service and that “I would be willing to pay for this service for some of my favourite recipes”, we are going to create a Recipe Development on Demand service. So get hunting through your recipe boxes, dig out your favourite “before gluten free recipes” and get ready!

Let’s end this survey roundup with my very favourite comment from the “Tell us what you really want” box

“a gluten free cook that lives in a little box in the pantry that I can take out and put away when finished”

To the person that wrote that comment, we hear you and reckon you’re not alone with wanting your very own, on demand, gluten free cook. We know it’s tough sometimes working out what to make for dinner after a long day, or what you can take for lunch…yet again, or bake as a treat for your kids. We hope that our recipe club will be the next best thing to having an actual cook in your kitchen with its tried and tested simple recipes that are designed for success. It’s always been our passion to help you create a gluten free life that you’ll love living! This is just one way we hope to achieve that.

PS: If you’re not already a part of our gluten free network and want to find out first about new developments, recipes and gluten free tips you can can get on the list here: Join Me Up