A: Yes we do, and to make life even easier there are only 2 blends to make, one blend for use when baking bread, the other blend is used in all the baking and pasta making recipes. We suggest making them in bulk so that when you decide to bake its as quick and easy a scooping out a cup or 2 from your bulk container

A: We have found our local Bin Inn to be the best place to buy the flours in whatever quantity you may need, so would suggest you try your local bulk food store. However many supermarkets also stock the flours. Another good place to try is ethnic supermarkets and health food shops.

A: Yes, the GF Flours & Blends page has info and photos on the different types of flours and what they might be called in your country to help you find the correct ones for using in Goodness Me recipes.

A: Yes, the books are written by New Zealand authors however this book can be used for baking in any country as we have written the recipes using cup and spoon measures wherever possible so that limited weight conversions are needed, although we have provided conversion charts to make life even easier.

A: Because over the years since Goodness Me started selling mixes, the flours needed to make our mixes have become easier to find in the shops and supermarkets. Which means that there is no longer a need for us to source and blend the mixes especially for you. Instead we have decided to share with you the secret of our flour blends.

But there is more to our cookbooks than just bread and baking mix recipes. When we started to eat Gluten Free many years ago we felt like we had to miss out on so many of the foods we had once enjoyed, especially cakes, cookies and pies. The gluten free food that was available frankly tasted awful. So not content to simply give up eating the things we loved we embarked on the quest for tasty, easy to cook Gluten Free food. Our cookbooks are the result.