Goodness Me Gluten Free & Dairy Free Crepes/Pancakes

I fell in love with crepes the year I spent living in Paris before I knew I needed to be gluten free.

Ordering a crepe from the crepe carts that can be found all over the city is a fantastic quick takeaway and seems oh so French! Watching them spread the batter out over the hotplate until its almost paper thin, adding the toppings and finally folding it over to lock the flavour inside it’s handed to you piping hot in a wrap of tissue. Delicious! So this was a recipe that I just had to find a way to make gluten free, and I’m so pleased I did. Not only that it’s also dairy free!

The full recipe for gluten free & dairy free crepes/pancakes can be found in the Goodness Me it’s Gluten Free Cookbook or the Gluten Free Cooking Starter Guide.