Gluten Free Christmas Cake with Almond Paste & Royal Icing

Everyone needs a tried and true recipe for Christmas Cake in their collection. This is our family recipe that we’ve adapted to be a gluten free Christmas cake because no one should have to go without Christmas Cake during the festive season!

The essential flavour of a traditional English Christmas Cake (and an Easter Simnel cake) comes from the almond layer covering the mature, plump and fruity cake. The store brought so called “ready made almond icing” left us so disappointed it reached the point that we opted for uniced cakes at Christmas for a few years. But we have since discovered its not that difficult to make Almond Paste Icing and although almonds are quite expensive in New Zealand we do think that the incredible depth of flavour you get from handmade almond icing is worth the extra expense. After all its Christmas time! It is not technically hard to make, at worst you might scramble the egg, but if that happens just start again. If we can do it we know you can too.  

To top your wonderful homemade gluten free Christmas Cake off you need Royal Icing which is the best icing for covering and decorating your special occasion cakes. And it isn’t hard to make! No need to buy it from the shop. This icing is applied to the cake in the same way as butter icing or frosting, not rolled out like fondant. You can have as thick or thin a layer of icing as you desire. This icing is also perfect for piping decoration shapes if you have piping equipment.

With these three recipes you will be all set to enjoy your first Christmas with a completely homemade gluten free Christmas Cake!

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