The secret to our recipes is the gluten free flour blends we have created especially for use in our recipes; Baking Blend for everyday baking and cooking and a Bread Blend for bread. Our blends use whole grains as much as possible ensuring they have a higher fibre and nutritional content, as well as being lower GI than most commercially available blends.

The gluten free flours we use for our blends should be readily available at your local supermarket, bulk bin store, ethnic or whole foods market. For convenience, the blends make a larger quantity than you need for a single recipe so that you can keep the rest in your store cupboard and when the inspiration strikes, you can just scoop out a cupful and get baking.

Ingredient Note: The Baking Blend uses a combination of just 3 flours to create gluten free baking so good no one will know it’s gluten free.

Cook’s Tip: Our Goodness Me Baking Blend is the same blend used for gluten free pasta making in the Goodness Me it’s Gluten Free Pasta cookbook.

This recipe can be found in both the Goodness Me it’s Gluten Free Cookbooks or the Gluten Free Cooking Starter Guide.