Goodness Me Gluten Free Baked Polenta

Polenta is a delicious Italian dish that is often served with pork and stews, or rich tomato sauces. It makes a tasty alternative to mashed potatoes and any leftovers can be turned into gluten free polenta chips or grilled polenta wedges.

The traditional way of cooking polenta is to stand at the stove for 45 minutes stirring a pot that resembles an erupting volcano whilst trying not to get burnt with the splatters of hot polenta that are frequently shot upwards and now cover every inch of the pot and surrounding stove top…by the time you have scrubbed the pot clean you will swear off polenta for ever. I felt that way too! Even though I love the lush creamy texture of a good polenta it just wasn’t worth the effort (and burns). But I am delighted to have discovered there is an easier way, and to be honest, after making gluten free baked polenta I would never, ever go back to the stove top version!

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