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Now it couldn't be easier to make your own fresh gluten free pasta at home. With 24 shapes, 18 flavours and 100 recipes, this cookbook teaches you the pasta making basics using simple step by step instructions and colour photos. Fresh pasta is the new healthy fast food, it's lots of fun to make plus this pasta is full of wholesome low GI, high protein, gluten free goodness!

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about the cookbook


Now you don’t have to be Italian or have a nonna in the family to make fabulous fresh gluten free pasta in your own home.

Armed with little more than a rolling pin and a few easy to find ingredients, this cookbook makes it possible to master the art of fresh homemade pasta. The easy, step-by-step instructions and stunning photography ensure each recipe’s success. There are the everyday feed-a-family-fast recipes you would expect, as well as many to excite discerning palates and entertainers alike.

There’s even a dough recipe variation using "standard flour" so if you're not gluten free you can still enjoy making all the recipes in this cookbook.

The image on the right is a small sample of the fabulous recipes contained in the cookbook.​

Sample Recipe for Pasta Page

These books have changed my life... I had never made pasta, but soon learned and have found it much better than the dried version. All this is to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your books.

Philippa - Christchurch, N.Z.
Helen - Tauranga, N.Z.

I'm so happy with the Pasta Book and to have Pasta again is so awesome! Thank You.

Vanessa, Thank you so much! Yesterday I made pasta for the first time in years! It wasn't as nice as the stuff we made with you at the food show in Hamilton (my husband and I did your ravioli class) however it was nice, and it was 100% made by me!

Natalie - Hamilton, N.Z.

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