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Gluten Free Snack Box Adult – Prepay

$99.97 / 6 months

Discover healthy treasures and guilty pleasures with our Goodness Me Gluten Free Best Value 6 Month Prepay Snack Box.

Each box contains a variety of 10 snacks such as dried fruits, snack balls, nuts, snack bars, crunchy, salty and sweet snacks. The selection of snacks you receive will vary depending on what awesome new snacks we have found for you that month. The snacks pictured are an example of the types of snacks you may receive. Some snacks will reoccur every month and some will be different.

Prepay for 6 months of Snack Boxes and save. Our Snack Box ships on the next Thursday after you place your order and will ship on the same day every month for 6 months. This Snack Box subscription will automatically renew at the end of every 6 months until you cancel.

It couldn’t be simpler to get a selection of gluten free snacks delivered right to your door every month! So stop spending time standing around in supermarkets wondering what you can eat and order your Snack Box today.


Discover healthy treasures and guilty pleasures with our Goodness Me Gluten Free Best Value 6 Month Prepay Snack Box.

Additional information

Product Note

The brands pictured are indicative only and may be substituted for similar products by different manufacturers to ensure the gluten free quality of the products is maintained, and also to provide a variety of snacks for you to enjoy.

Ingredients Disclaimer

As a microbiologist, and a mother along with my gluten free foodie daughter nothing could be more important to us at Goodness Me Gluten Free than making sure we do whatever we can to ensure the food we deliver to you is truly gluten free and coeliac friendly. However, at the end of the day Goodness Me is a retailer meaning we do not manufacture our own products or mill our own flours.

We have a thorough process in place to research and analyse the ingredients contained in each product to ensure it is safe for coeliac consumption. We use our extensive experience to select products which are either naturally gluten free or by ingredient description are safe for coeliacs to eat. As the purpose of our boxes is to help you discover a wide range of gluten free products we have chosen to also include products that have "May contain…" or "Made in a premises that also manufactures…" allergen statements where we feel that the actual risk of contamination is within acceptable boundaries for consumption by coeliacs. You can be assured that many of the products we include are also ones we have "tested" by eating them ourselves, without any adverse reactions.

We will always do our best to minimise the risk to you. However, since each person’s food sensitivity and resulting reactions are unique and those reactions can be hidden, mild, or even life threatening, it is up to you, the consumer, to review and monitor ingredients on any products supplied and confirm manufacturing conditions directly with the manufacturer if you have any concerns. Furthermore, as manufacturers may change ingredients or production practices without our knowledge we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of ingredient or nutritional information on products we provide nor liable for any adverse reactions caused by the products we sell.

For every product we send you please make sure to always read the ingredient label on the actual product before consuming it. This is especially important if you have other allergies or manufacturing conditions, potential cross contamination and ingredient derivatives pose a significant risk for you or your family.

We are constantly trying to improve our Goodness Me Discovery Boxes, Gift Boxes, Baskets & Hampers. So if you find an error or omission about a product, please do let us know.

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You can gift the Discovery Snack Boxes to anyone with a NZ address, just fill in their details in the "Shipping Address box" on the Checkout page and we will send it directly to them.

Shipping Info

We could have offered free delivery and upped the price of the boxes, but that is not our style. We don't charge additional fees for Rural Delivery (although it costs us more as we recognise how important online shopping is to country people).

Our Discovery Snack Boxes are shipped using either NZ Post or Fastway Couriers.


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